Central Mediation Center (CMC) is a private, non-profit corporation that provides mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution training within a 35 county area in central and southwest Nebraska. The center is funded through grants, fees, and donations. CMC is one of six Nebraska community mediation centers approved by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution under the auspices of the Nebraska Supreme Court.


  • is an informal yet structured process in which a neutral mediator helps two or more people possibly reach a solution to their conflict.
  • allows participants to exchange information, identify issues, uncover obstacles, explore options, and create agreement terms that will work for each person.
  • encourages people to follow through with solutions because they have had an active role in the decision making process.
  • fosters better communication and improved relationships.
  • is a future-oriented process that helps clarify each person’s perspective and expectations.
  • is an information process that allows participants to consult with outside experts and resources such counselors, accountants, lawyers, and other service providers.

Mediators treat everything that is said in mediation as private and confidential*. CMC has a pool of trained professionals to serve as mediators.  Mediators affiliated with CMC are required to meet training standards set by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution.  Affiliated mediators must also receive annual continuing education. If you are having a dispute with someone and want to know if mediation is appropriate for your situation, call CMC (308.237.4692 or 800.203.3452) to talk with a staff person.  For a mediation to take place, both parties must agree to participate. Are you interested in learning more about becoming a mediator with CMC?  If so, click here.

*Mediators must, by law, report information related to child abuse or the furtherance of a crime.

Our location provides easy access for clients as well as a comfortable rooms for meditations, facilitation’s, family group conferences, and training.  Please stop by for any inquires.

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